Our process

The starting point

Our honey is a reflection of the history of this region, Aliste, possessed of a differentiated and exclusive character, where the artisan elaboration is shown as the inescapable and primordial instrument of a process where the first is the interest of the people versus the standardization of the Great food industry.

As artisans , we continually study the mysterious origin of this liquid gold, which is our honey. And we discovered that each campaign is different, our honey can not be homogenized nor standardized as industrials honeys. We could say that each campaign we undertake a new journey, observing again and again this magical process of creation.

The honey extraction that we make in LAS OBRERAS DE ALISTE CB is absolutely natural and handmade, without any adulteration, pasteurization or chemical process. We achieve the conservation of all the properties and the benefits of the raw honey.

Our commitment and responsibility in the elaboration of honey´s quality and excellence is part of the appropriate beekeeping training, the respect for the environment and animals and, of course, we are accredited as food handlers.

The entire process of extraction and packaging is done in our industry located in the municipality of Gallegos del Campo.

 Las Obreras de Aliste CB.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND  Our Artisanal industry Las Obreras de Aliste CB.

The project of our artisanal industry was designed and executed by Dr. Agricultural Engineering Santiago Escribano, and this project was approval by the Official College of Agricultural Engineers of Center and Canary Islands.

The choice in the apiaries

Quality is always present in the process of extracting our honey, but the quality is found before, in the apiaries, with the choice within each hive of the best and most suitable frames to proceed to its extraction.

These frames must be fully operculated, because inside these cells is where the honey is protected from external agents. The honeycomb clustered cells can be kept in perfect condition for many years.

Proceso de desabejado cuidadoso de los cuadros operculados para su posterior traslado a la industria extractora de miel.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Careful process to remove the bees from the combs

All the honey that is extracted in our industry comes from our apiaries and in frames where it is totally operculated, by this way we obtain a drastic humidity reduction of the honey as well as a better quality and a good conservation.

Cuadro totalmente operculado preparado para su posterior desoperculación manual.

   Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Fully operculated frame prepared for manual deoperation


We are proud to deliver products with recognised standards of quality assurance