Guaranteed quality

The main and subtel difference between us and the rest

Honey is a food, and although its processing is relatively simple, the processes of manipulation that requires we subject them to scrupulous hygienic conditions to obtain a natural product of high quality. For this reason, all those who in our small business are in contact with honey are sufficiently trained and accredited as food handlers certified.

Our pursuit of quality and excellence is double. We look for the satisfaction of people who taste our honey, not forgetting our own satisfaction for the work done well, within a process of continuous improvement.

We come from a rural area, the whole production, process and packaging is done in our small town, which gives added value to the quality and exclusivity of our products. The honey that we offer is handmade and full of quality.

Nuestra industria artesanal y rural de miel está vinculada con la búsqueda de los mayores estándares en calidad.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Our artisanal honey industry is linked to the search for the elderly Standards in quality.

As experienced experts in the pursuit of quality, after a teleological reflection, on the purpose of our work, and ontological, with the will to analyze our goals as a company, we have found in the love in everything we do our best strategy to search the quality and excellence of our honey.

Our goal is the quality

Honey is the natural sweetener. It is a solution of sugars, water, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, natural antibiotics, a lot of minerals and trace elements.

Los atributos de calidad de nuestra miel se percibe por los órganos de nuestros sentidos a través de su color, estructura y textura. En este caso se aprecia en la miel cosechada en primavera.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND The quality attributes of our honey are perceived by our senses through its color, structure and texture. In this case, the honey harvested in spring.

Honey is a bacteriostatic food, with high sugar content conditions low water activity. His low pH, and the presence of bactericidal substances among its components, prevents the growth of most microorganisms . The hives where the bees live and develop their work, and therefore the honey, are not contaminated by bacteria that are pathogenic to man.

Proceso de embotado de nuestra miel.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND  Process of honey packaging

Honey contamination by pathogenic germs necessarily comes from serious anomalies during the honey´s handling and processing, aspect that we treat with the maximum rigor.

The self-imposed quality control is supervised by the Dr. Santiago Escribano Pintor, member of the Spanish Official College of Agricultural Engineers, in addition to the annual biochemical analyzes by certified food laboratory.

We are artisans

We are artisan and innovative beekeepers, we have a vision of the future with enough capacity to be in the present, so we have undertaken a work where madness and wisdom are united.Insdustrias artesanas de Castilla y León

In contrast to the standard quality and uniformity products of the large industry, we are recognized as an artisan agrarian industry in Castilla y León (Spain), which implies to overcome continuous quality controls and to be able to obtain a unique and exclusive honey, due to its local and artisanal character that offers our honey.

Increasing the food security

ovalo-sanitario-las-obreras-de-alisteWe have our own Sanitary Registry, providing an appropriate level of supervision to all the honey process, with the objective of strictly complying with the hygienic and sanitary conditions along with the traceability of our honey.

Honey Quality recognized in Spain

We conceived the quality resulting from a collaborative approach with our customers, sharing experiences and feelings. Collaboration is the most powerful tool for achieving quality. Because doing things carefully and well is the result of work, effort and dedication, but if it is also recognized by our customers is when we know that we have the best certification and that we are in the right line.

Satisfaction for our work is what we feel when Joaquin Felipe, one of the great references of Spanish and international gastronomy, current Executive Chef of the Gastronomic Complex Florida Retiro of Madrid, bets to use our honey in his kitchen as part of the commitment that he maintains with the artisan, ecological and sustainable producers who look for quality and excellence.

Joaquin Felipe en el Florida Retiro

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND  The prestigious chef Joaquín Felipe, next to Guillermo and Dori, shows us our honey that he uses in his kitchen of the Florida Retiro of Madrid.

Although the best way to measure quality is that people who taste our honey repeat, we are also proud that the quality of our honey is recognized professionally in congresses and conventions. In this way, we have obtained the second place in the II National Honey Competition celebrated in the beekeeping fair of Azuqueca (Guadalajara) by the Spanish Beekeepers Association.


Some people say that the prizes are a work accident resulting from perseverance in it. In any case, we are very proud that being a company so young, we are recognized as an artisanal honey company that are in a constantly search for high quality.

And above all, we are proud to put the name of our land, Aliste, everywhere we go and in this case as a sign of differentiation in artisanal honey.

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From Aliste, building the present, creating the future

We are convinced that our honey will ignite your positive energy, because it is a breath of fresh air.

The final result is a quality and excellence increase. Achieving excellence is our result and our goal.

Nuestros productos.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND  Our honey

A final advice, as we are committed to implement this way of quality, demands quality in all foods

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And remember, the customer, you, are the final arbiter of product and service quality.