About us

We share our dreamDiscover our land - Las obreras de Aliste

LAS OBRERAS DE ALISTE CB is born out of the illusion, the commitment and the willingness to generate, with a clear and intense desire, the pleasure of savoring a unique work.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Our business card

It is not an illusion of madness, it has been meditated and thought, if it was not enough, here we are prepared to take pamper and take care of it as much as is necessary. So, now you can have on your lips the fruit of such an illusion, and a commitment that is none other than improve day by day, that this project grows healthy of body and spirit.

Ilusionados en el trabajo diario en el apiario.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Illusioned in the diary work in the apiary.

Our main objective is to reflect in the process of artisan elaboration of the spirit, the style and the original desire to taste the guaranteed quality honey.

About us

Guillermo preparado para comenzar sus labores en el apiario.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Guillermo prepared to begin his work in the apiary.

We love our land, Aliste, we were born in here and our family roots are lost in time in it. That is why only here can try to undertake this adventure.

Dori trabajando con una de las colmenas.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Dori working with one of the hives.

Fellowship, respect, teamwork, improvement, effort and, above all, excitement in all that we carry out are our signs of identity and our operating engine. And on them we will support to develop this exciting project we also want to do you participate when you try our honey with maximum intensity, so only this way you can get the pleasure of savoring excellence.

Our location

We are in Gallegos del Campo, Aliste region, Zamora province. Northwest of Castile and Leon. It is a rural region, with a population of less than 100 inhabitants and subsistence economy, but abundant in generosity and dedication to the noblest values of our peoples.

Antiguo cartel indicando la entrada a la localidad de Gallegos del Campo.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Old poster indicating the entrance to the town of Gallegos del Campo.

Gallegos del Campo is a small town that descends a few kilometers from the Sierra de la Culebra and the border with Portugal. Its origin, like that of many other gentilices of the zamorana toponymy refer to an old repopulation that took place in the days of king Fernando I of galician people.

Últimos rayos de sol sobre la espadaña de la iglesia de Gallegos del Campo, seña de identidad del pueblo.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Last rays of sun on the steeple of the church of Gallegos del Campo, the village identity.

Don´t renegade of the rural environment where we are, but we want to confirm clearly we have the facilities with full sanitary guarantees and food quality, perfectly adapted to the activity of extraction and packaging of the honey that we obtain, exclusively, from our own apiaries.

La industria extractora y envasadora de miel de nuestra Comunidad de Bienes.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND The extractive industry and packaging of honey of our company.

Commitments to the traditions of our land

We are committed to the Aliste traditions as a structural element that define us, build and generate the collective trust of our village.

Vista general de la localidad de Gallegos del Campo.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND  General view of the village of Gallegos del Campo.

Agriculture, and especially livestock, has been the traditional way of life of the people of this eminently rural region, where the work of land and livestock saturated its existence. But these people, our parents and ancestors, also cultivated a great number and diversity of customs and traditions that orally passed from parents to children, shaping the history of our people.

Familiares nuestros después de la trilla en la era del pueblo en los años sesenta del siglo pasado.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Family after threshing in the village era in the sixties of the last century.

We want to foster with these memories the cultural values of our community and participate in the preservation of their traditions and their natural resources, with a clear objective, the simple, healthy and plain desire to contribute as far as possible to create a better tomorrow for this region.

Participando en las tradiciones de nuestro pueblo.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Participating in the traditions of our people.

Precisely we support in the work of the good doing to elaborate our artisan products with the maximum respect to the environment and the sustainability of Aliste.

We like to relate

We are partners of the Spanish Beekeepers Association, whose main objective is to defend and promote the development of bee and beekeeping in Spain.

The Spanish Beekeepers Association is the main meeting point for people and companies interested in beekeeping and one of the great forums for discussion the problems of this sector in our country.


If the social fabric is strengthened the society becomes more prosperous, a fact that becomes more necessary when the risks increase in traditional quality beekeeping (new pests like Asian, tricks on labeling or transhumance without control). In this way, along with other beekeepers of the region we belong to the association of beekeepers of Aliste, APIALIST, with which beekeepers in this region seek collaboration in the establishment of sanitary standards for pest and disease control as well as the De Own services of assistance and technical advice with which they defend the rights and the interests of the alistans beekeepers.


Our ideal

Strength, determination and passion for work well done have been the origin of this adventure, without a doubt, the factors that will do the heart of Las Obreras de Aliste will continue to beating with the same intensity.

Duros y persistentes en nuestro empeño y nuestros ideales de servicio a nuestra tierra.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Hard and persistent in our commitment and our ideals of service to our earth.

Combining tradition with innovation to obtain a product of the highest quality is the challenge that we propose. You can never underestimate the wisdom of our elders or leave aside the advances that technology offer us.

 Antiguo carro de labranza que todavía podemos encontrar en nuestra localidad. El rechinar de sus ruedas es un sonido característico de nuestra España rural que se va desvaneciendo en el tiempo.

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Old farm trolley that we can still find in our town.
The noise of their wheels is a characteristic sound of our rural Spain that is fading in time.