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LAS OBRERAS DE ALISTE CB believe that people deserve the consumption of healthy and natural products of integral quality, where the environment is respected and the rural environment is protected, by integrating ecological and social values, to contribute effectively to the sustainability of our planet.

The certified quality of our artisanal honey, exclusively extracted from our apiaries and packaged in our small industry, is our sign of distinction that will be a visible sign of our commitment to safeguarding our essence of honey quality.

Qué te ofrecemos

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Presentation of our products of spring harvest honey and autumn harvest honey

From LAS OBRERAS DE ALISTE CB we offer you a unique product, our honey, but with different flavors and textures depending on whether it is honey from the spring harvest or honey from the autumn harvest. In both cases the chemical analyzes show similar nutritional values in the composition of the honey, where it differs in the color, the flavor and the texture that are function of the source of nectar of the flowering of each time of the year.

The packaging of our honey is made in glass jars in two formats, with a net capacity of 1000 gr and 500 gr.

Etiqueta miel de otoño

Etiqueta miel de primavera

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Labeling our honey distinguishing between the spring harvest and the autumn harvest

The spring harvest honey shows in light orange tones and develops an unmistakable range of flavors and floral aromas, more liquid, friendly. It is a juicy, friendly and easy to take honey.

The autumn harvest honey is very well structured, with darker and deeper shades with a special luminosity resulting from the predominance of chestnut (according to the organoleptic analysis chestnut predominates with more than 60%), a higher density, more defined and pronounced flavors, which lead us to an intense sensory experience.

Te ofrecemos un trocito de nuestra naturaleza

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND Sunset from the apiaries. In our honey you can take home a piece of Aliste nature

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In addition to our beekeeping farm, you can acquire our honey in the following places:

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We recommend that you take a teaspoon of our honey and take it to your mouth, leave it there for about twenty seconds and you can see how our honey warms in the mouth, are released flavors and sensations that will be easy to recognize.

Te ofrecemos placer

Licencia Creative Commons BY ND  The pleasure of savoring a healthy, natural and quality product

Who savor our honey look for to enjoy a new world of sensations based on pleasure, quality and exclusivity.

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